A bit about Peck's

I often ask myself, like the Talking Heads, how did I get here? I thought I was set after earning a highly profitable degree in art history. Thankfully, I fell back into the profession that I was always meant to have—food. After all, my great grandfather opened Ratner’s restaurant on the Lower East Side. The only thing I love more than my family is food, and after that is having a great conversation (both typically absent at art openings).

The path that led to Peck’s has not been a straight one. In the 90’s I opened Lansky Lounge, a bar on the Lower East Side. Then I left NYC for the big skies of the Southwest, and landed in Taos, New Mexico to become a professional skier (a.k.a. ski bum). When I realized that New Mexico was not the place for an aspiring Jewish entrepreneur, I hurried back east and enrolled in culinary school to start the next chapter of my life. After stints cooking at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and Hugo’s and Fore Street of Maine, I started a national tour of amateur cooking competitions that took me from Austin, Texas to Stockholm, Sweden.

And now, I am very excited to open a neighborhood business within walking distance of my family. The chance to be a part of the community is priceless to me.

So, I hope this lasts because this is what I know. It is what I love.

See you at the counter, Theo Peck

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